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Meet 11 Fingers

Move from a corporate level
...to personal level

As a small, family-owned company, we concentrate on developing long-term business relationships with our clients. That means getting to know our customers as people - not dollars.

We are committed to offering our clients:

  1. Exceptional service: Great customer service is something we live and breathe every day. When you email, you'll get an answer right away. Call us and speak to a REAL person, not a computer menu. Send us an update for your website and you can depend on us to get it done accurately and FAST.
  2. Something unique: We specialize in individualizing our products to fit your business. We never use ready-made templates or try to squeeze your business into a software model. We work side-by-side with each client to get exactly what they need and nothing they don't.
  3. A lot: Because we are small, we can offer a large selection of very personalized services at reasonable prices. We give you something the others cannot: Full service options with a person you know and trust.

Meet the management team:

NancyJeanette Long started the company with one website in 1995. Since then she has worked with each client personally and watched their businesses grow alongside ours. With a background in art and language, NancyJeanette is your primary resource for design and content. NancyJeanette supervises the day to day office management and is in charge of our design team.

Nick Long began working for the company as a programmer and part-time designer in 2005. Today he is primarily responsible for development of all database-driven design,and supervision of our website maintenance and server team. With a background in art and math, Nick is ready to help you develop customized solutions based on the needs of your business.

Sit back and relax…you have a partner in the design business.